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Does the Wheelie Guard fit my bike??

WG is not brand/model specific. It's "universal" design requires 2 points of attachment. Most commonly:

1. Rear axle via long bolt that gets inserted through the center of the bikes axle (axle bolt)

2. An Unobstructed area on the swing arm in front of the rear brake caliper.

Please see the following link to determine your axle type

What Is My Axle Type?


What if my rear axle is not hollow?

Your bike will require a "T-nut" that replaces the stock axle nut. This provides an extension of the rear axle to attach to the WG.

"T-nut" is available in 3 thread sizes M12x1.25, M14x1.5, and M16x1.5

Wheelie Guard Install with "T-Nut"


My rear axle is hollow, but the long bolt will not pass all the way through?

Your axle is not wide enough to accept the axle bolt. It will require 1 of 2 modifications

Option 1: Drill/ream/tap out the narrow end of the axle to 1/2"

Option 2: Measure size of narrow end of axle using calipers or by inserting bolts of various sizes to determine best fit

Smaller rod options are available. NOTE: 7/16" is recommended size


My axle bolt fits through the axle but is too short?

Some street bikes and the odd off-road bike require longer axle bolt due to a wider rim/tire. These situations we can provide custom length axle rods. Customer must accurately measure length of bikes rear axle, end to end and add it to notes when ordering a custom axle rod.