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Wheelie Guard F.A.Q



The Wheelie Guard V2.0 TM is designed with 2 mounting options that will accommodate almost all motorcycles - street and/or dirt, with the exception of bikes that have ‘single sided’ swing arms like found on most Ducati’s and Triumph’s. 
Please see the following link to determine your axle type.



We are currently working on a Sportster and Dyno Wheelie Guard.



Maybe! At Short Fuse Motorsports we like to challenge ourselves with custom builds. That's why we build model plans from leftover scraps of aluminum in our free time. So if you got a funky looking swing arm, like on the Buell, or your just tight on space around the swing-arm then contact us directly and we may be able to build you a custom mounting bracket.



Congratulations, you are most likely a proud owner of a KTM or Husqvarna… Drill 1/2” hole through the center of nut. This can easily be done without removing the nut......Don't worry it will not void the bikes warranty.



If the center of the axle is 1/2” or bigger at one end but less then 1/2” at the other (probably the threaded end) - then you'll have to dig out that 1/2” drill bit and bore out the center. (The axle hole is only narrow for couple inches from the end) or second option is: see A6: (T-nut adapter) mounting option.



Yes- if one Wheelie Guard will fit then you can double it.


Order F.A.Q



No problem, the wheelie guard will fit but you will need to purchase one of our patented T-nut adapters. Important note; thread types vary from bike to bike and year to year, so you’ll need to provide us with diameter and thread pitch upon your order.




Yes, 1 Year full replacement warranty and all spare parts can be purchased separately.



We can ship internationally from Canada, Europe, Australia. SFM does not take any responsibility for the customs fees or any taxes that may apply in your country.


Wheelie Guard Usage



We are based in Canada and to the best of our knowledge the Wheelie Guard does not validate any Road Safety regulations, however, we ship internationally and take no liability for road safety regulations outside of Canada.



All terrain, street, dirt, sand, ice, rock, mud...



Set the Wheelie Guard to the lowest setting - next- have a buddy watch you from the side- do a wheelie base on your skills. If the WG touches the ground then adjust the angle by one setting and get back on the bike. Repeat raising the setting by one until the WG wheel does not make contact with the ground.

You have now properly set your start angle setting based on your skills.

Keep practicing and progressing one adjustment level at a time until you reached 12 o'clock ...or 2 o'clock...

Wheelie Improvement Tips.

Focus on proper body position.

Play around with the throttle and clutch, now you can really experiment with your bike because now the WG has your back.

Check your rear tire pressure. Different surfaces require different pressure for optimal tire grip.

Remove a tip-over sensor if your bike has one.

Wear protective clothing

Find a secluded street or road - It's illegal to wheelie on public roads, so finding a secluded place to pratice will also help you evade any trouble from law enforcement.