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Adjust Your Wheelie Guard Under 30 Seconds

You must be wondering if you could adjust it on the go. Well, of course, you can, we have engineered it with the main Idea of Progress...

Start at a comfortable level and raise the angle of your wheelie guard in order to lift that front wheel higher. Check out our video on how to adjust the angle of your wheelie guard within 30 seconds. 

1. Carry the WG-Wrench tool

You can carry our wrench tool everywhere you go, in your boots. It keeps your hands free, and it is safe to carry around

2. Dismount from your bike

Get off your motorcycle, and reach for that WG-Wrench tool

3. Remove the 2 safe Pin-Locks

You need to remove first the two pins that keep your arm in place in case of heavy landing.
PS: If the pins don't move, loosen up the WG-Arm bolt.

4. Un-tight the WG-Arm Bolt

Undo a bit the Arm bolt in order to adjust the WG-Arm PS: Adjust to the angle you feel comfortable.

5. Re-Insert the Pin-Locks

When you have adjusted the wheelie guard angle, insert back the two Pin-LocksPS: Refer to the disclaimer, we will not be held responsible if you don't use 2 pins or none.

6. Tight-up the WG-Arm Bolt

When you have adjusted the wheelie guard angle and inserted back the two Pin-Locks. Tight your WG-Arm Bolt like on the Video

7. Get back at It!!!

Enjoy and improve your wheelie experience with ease.