Short Fuse Motorsports Corp.


Will the ‘WG’ fit on my ____?

Our WHEELIEGUARD is designed to fit almost all motorcycles using 1 of 2 mounting options depending on axle type; Hollow? or solid? It will NOT fit motorcycles with a 'single sided' swingarms like the ones found on most Ducati's, Triumph's and some BMW's.

Will the ‘WG’ fit on a Harley?

In theory yes. However, you may encounter some challenges with clearance if the bike has low pipes and saddle bags.

Will the ‘WG’ fit on a Buell xb9s?

 Yes, with our custom axle bolt extender. Note: On the Buell, the WG needs to be mounted on the left side of the bike while making sure all parts are clear of drive belt.

Will the ‘WG’ fit on a scooter?

No! … Why would someone even…?

How do I determine whether I have a hollow rear axle or a solid one?

If you can see right through the center, then your axle is hollow. However, some manufacturers like KTM will try to trick you by filling hole with a plug and covering the other end with a 'dome' nut.

What if my axle nut is on left hand side of bike?

If this is the case and you are trying to mount the WG using a T-Nut, you will need to remove axle and re-insert so that the nut is on the right side.

How do I mount the WG if my bike has hollow axle that’s covered by a closed/dome style axle nut?

This type of dome axle nut (most often found on KTM’s) is aluminum and can easily be drilled through without even removing it. That said, we at SFM understand that some people don’t want a drill anywhere near their brand new ‘450 6 Days’ so we’ve done the dirty work for you and pre-drilled open axle nuts, which are available in our store under ‘WG parts & accessories.

What do I do if I ordered my wheelie guard without reading any of the information on the website, only to realize that my bike has a solid axle?

No problem, you can order a T-Nut adapter for mounting to solid axle from our website. You will need to measure the diameter of your axle at the threaded end to determine the correct size. To avoid additional shipping fees, we recommend ordering any additional hardware at time of ‘WG’ purchase.

Is there a Warranty or a refund policy?

Yes, there is a 1 year limited warranty for breakage due to manufacturer defects. We also offer a full refund for un-opened/un-used package if it is returned within 6 weeks from date received.

Are there any extra international shipping charges and/or duties?

We primarily ship our ‘WG’ directly from our manufacturer in China. Additional duty and import fees may be added upon arrival in certain areas.

Is the ‘WG’ street legal?

Where we live, simply having the device attached to your bike is not illegal, assuming that, it does not obstruct your license plate and/or taillights. Laws can vary from one area to the next, therefore, we recommend that people check and adhere to all local bylaws in the area they live.

Will the ‘WG’ prevent the bike from falling on its side?

Of course not! It only prevents you from looping backward - which is potentially the most catastrophic. Learning wheelies is inherently dangerous and safety gear should always be worn when attempting these activities.

Will I get more girlfriends/boyfriends if I use this product?

Probably not. In fact, you may even lose the ones you currently have. However, once you see how well the ‘WG’ works and you have dialed in your “12 o’clock” wheelies - who knows…Anything is possible.